Design and production

of automatic special machines, conveyor and packaging systems for every kind of sector

our products


We design and manufacture lines for filling and capping of bottles, jars and other kind of containers. In line handling of bottles to be filled with liquids, creams or gels and following capping or screwing.


We create special and customised automatic lines. All the systems are specifically designed on the product features, in order to ensure maximum reliability, flexibility and efficiency.


Our products are especially designed for the packaging industry. Machines for filling and cartoning, palletizers and boxes forming machines, as well as labeling and marking systems.

Automatic packaging line

Automatic packaging line with cartons forming and filling, taping and labelling.

Depalletization line

Automatic and semi-automatic depalletization lines with discharge of interlayers, stacking of empty pallets and product conveying.

Packaging line

Complete lines designed according to the features of the product to be packed. Composed by different stations and applications, according to packaging needs: carton forming, filling, taping and stacking.